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EVE the Commuter EVE is a commuter car designed by GridCars, the vision is to see these cars available through a special sharing system, billing the use per use, based on km's driven.

The current plan is to launch a pre-production prototype before the end of 2015, with the production version on the market by late 2016.
Renewable Energy Renewable Energy is more affordable than ever, with the growth in Electric drive vehicles, this will become an ideal source of clean energy. More importantly, this energy can be created where it needs to be consumed, today Solar Charging systems can be installed for less than R80'000, that will give you free enery for the next 25 years.   
eSpanBoni Trike eSpanBoniTM – Literally (Electric Working Donkey), is a universal trike that has being developed by GridCars, the trike is an effective solution for multiple projects.  The eSpanBoniTM is a base vehicle on which different plugs (Solutions) can be implemented. The picture below shows the typical area that is customised on the vehicle.
DBT Fast Chargers DBT is a top European / Japanese Fast Charger (DC Charge), DBT is represented in South Africa though GridCars.  DBT is internationally the prefered Fast Charger by Nissan.   A fast charge can typically take the battery to 80% in 20min or less.

eMobility 276x101

eMobility Systems and Service

GridCars has developed a suite of software aimed at supporting eMobility, this includes products and services for OEM's, Customers and Innovators wanting to explore eMobility.

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EVSE 276x101

Charge Stations (EVSE)

GridCars has developed a Charge Point, locally manufactured for South African conditions, it comes as M2 Cable, Wall mounted or a Pillar. Capabile of 32A Charging and a public interface.

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Niche Market Vehicles

The vehicles of tomorrow will need to have unprecedented access to information, optimised for a purpose and highly automated, GridCars has started developing these building blocks.

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Welcome to GridCars

GridCars, will change the way we view mobility, vehicle ownership, public transport, "refueling" and the driving experience, to name just a few of the things.  We will challenge you to understand your impact on the world and help you to both limit it, and better integrate you life in general and to embrace the looming changes in both ownership and technology. 
EVE Sideview

In order for electric vehicles to function effectively in the market, the concept of a connected car must be embraced and all devices must be smart and connected. We will also see the merger of Transport, Energy and ITC.  This can't happen organically, it must be designed.  There needs to be a core system in place that can manage the communications between all of the role players in this industry. GridCars has developed vehicles for this Eco Systems, support infrastructure and a software system, called the Energy and Mobility Services Platform (MSP).  Together these products and services will become core pillars in the Economy of Electric Vehicles and will usher in the era of truly connected and intelligent vehicles.  What does GridCars do:

-          data and vehicle Telemetry (vehicle tracking, EV data, charging, energy, etc.);

-          solar generated energy and charge point consumption;

-          charge point information such as bookings, availability and maintenance;

-          charge station systems (software solutions, infrastructure and hardware);

-          design and build vehicles that promote commuting and public transport integration;

-         work with government and any vehicle OEM to make South Africa an example of this to the world;

-         partner with and leverage the best brands, products and services

Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

GridCars is a company involved in the development of the Electric Vehicle Eco System, this includes Software, Hardware and Vehicles.  We are always looking for active and innovative people that feel that can contribute to the company in some way.  The following are some examples of the types of partners we are looking for to help expand this industry.  The company has chosen to embrace open concepts, like Open Innovation, Collaborative Manufacturing and Crowd Sourcing, etc. these enable GridCars to be sustainable and to create opportunities for budding entrepreneurs, and existing businesses alike.

Design 120x120 Design and Innovation

Although we have an internal design and innovation team, we are always looking for new ideas and talent aligned to existing products and services.
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manufacturing2 120x120 Manufacturing and Sub-assembly

In order to facilitate innovation and growth, GridCars is looking to establish both a distributed manufacturing capability leveraging existing businesses and also local capacity.  Build close to the place of use.
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Systems 120x120 Services and Maintenance

Everything GridCars designs and build, needs to be maintained and supported, this implies a network of partners able to deliver these services and operational systems and centres throughout South Africa.
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